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Sisters' Common Thread




I bought a pattern, why do I have to DRAW stuff?  

Our patterns are written in quilter's language and use quilter's techniques such as measuring, marking and cutting. That means that some of our patterns do not contain full size pieces, but rather list dimensions of pieces to be drawn out. These would be the pieces that are rectangles, squares, angles or strips.  For the pattern pieces that do not fall into this category such as mitten, slipper and irregular shaped pieces we ALWAYS provide full-size pattern pieces.


Can I make several items to sell at our Craft Sale?

Items made from our patterns are protected by Federal Copyright Law and may not be reproduced for resale.


We are a non-profit, can we purchase your patterns at wholesale prices?

You may purchase our patterns at wholesale prices if you provide us with your organization’s name, address, phone number, and resellers #.  Minimum initial order required for a wholesale account.  If you don’t qualify for a wholesale account we would love it if you went to your local quilt store and asked them to order in the quantity you need and see if they will work with you to discount your purchase.


I want to teach a class using one of your patterns – is that ok?

Absolutely, we’d be delighted to have you teach a class using our patterns.  What is required by Federal Copyright law, is that each person in the class purchase their own pattern.  One pattern for each person attending.


Where can I get that heat-resistant lining stuff?

That heat-resistant lining "stuff" is called Iron Quick.  If you are purchasing wholesale you can purchase it from EE Schenck.  Give Chris a call – and tell him we sent you.  It is also carried by many of the other distributors but under a different name – Therma Flec.

If you are a consumer and want to purchase, contact your local quilt store – If they don’t carry it, they may be willing to order it in for you.  Sorry – we do not sell fabric.


I want to establish a wholesale account – how do I do that?

You may establish a wholesale account by providing us with all pertinent information, including your tax resale number.  Minimum initial order requirement is 3 patterns per style that you are ordering and $75.  After the initial order, you may order in any quantity.


I already carry Iron Quick in my store, can I purchase your Caddy Pad patterns without the heat-resistant fabric in them?

Our Caddy Pad, Caddy Pad, Jr., and Travel Iron Tote patterns are sold only WITH the heat-resistant fabric included in the pattern.  You will need that bolt of heat-resistant fabric for those wanting to make more than one project?  As a matter of fact that’s one of the first questions asked on a second call “Where can I get more of that heat-resistant fabric – they’re all coming back to make MORE!!!!!”


Our guild is a non-profit, loves your pattern and wants to teach it - would you consider doing a one-time fee for a license agreement to allow us to use your pattern?

No we do not enter into licensing agreements for classes.


Is the Diaper Dock the same size as the Caddy Pad?

No - the Diaper Dock is quite a bit bigger - big enough to change a baby on and to hold enough baby essentials for that short trip.